Ok so no camera, but lights and action have been happening a lot around here. My family and I decided to get involved in the local community theater this season. We were invited by my super sweet spanish Tutor Serena. We have been at the theater A LOT over the past two weeks and fairly regular the month and a half before that. The production that we are in is (drum roll please) Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka!! I can't even begin to tell you just how much fun I/we are having!!

As I said above everyone in my family are involved in the play in some way. My husband helps with ushering as needed, he is also in charge of making sure our oompas don't run wild back stage and is really a lot of work just imagine this poor man trying to keep 5, 10year old girls quiet back stage while all kinds of awesome stuff is happening on stage. ;) I am in the chorus and a crowd member ,I help out where ever I see a need or where ever I think I might be able to help ease someone elses stress. I am also the official “fatunstuffer” for Ze Mrs. Gloop. I also help out with makeup (for those who want help). My son L who gulp is getting far to close to 18 for my liking LOL is a set guy, it is his job (along with the other set people) to make sure scene changes happen with out any sound the amazing set people we have make it all look seamless and they are practically silent. My oldest daughter R is a fellow chorus member and she is the crowd scene also. (We participate in 6 songs). And safety girl aka coupon girl is an oompa lumpa. The oompa's are amazing and so are their outfits. The costumes were made by the director she also made the tails for the squirrels WOW let me tell you they are WOW!!

Last night were auditions for the upcoming Christmas play. We tried out for A Christmas Carol. We hope we get parts, but if we don't then we will just jump in where needed. I will keep you all posted on that. We are supposed to receive the cast list on or about Tuesday. WOOOHOOOO!! I wish everyone who tries/ed out all the best!! Break a leg everyone.

We recently joined a homeschool co-op. What a wonderful group they are. They have been very welcoming. The prices of the classes are AMAZING!! My children are taking art classes for 12 weeks for a buck a week each!! I know awesome right?? LOL The kids are also taking drive thru history wich is offered for get this, FREE!! It is awesome.

Our co-op will be subbitting a scarecrow for a contest. So, on monday we all got to gether to decide what kind of scarecrow we wanted to submit. We are making a mother reading to her child in her lap. They will be having them reading an encyclopedia and the child will be working on a slate. I think it will we awesome. I will not be able to stay on the day that they build it, so my contribution will be to make the heads for them to use on Monday. I can't wait to get to go tour the scarecrows and see them all.

I had a Mom's night out last month. It was a ton of fun. I am really excited to be getting out and meeting new people. I REALLY needed it.

Land R have joined the 4-h archery team!! They love it. L will also be joining the rife/shooting team. Safety girl is just not sure what club she would like to join. I will keep you posted on that as well. We are thinking that we will be raising rabbits for our livestock project.

That's about it for today!! Have a great day.

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On May 5, 2011 at 3:41 PM , Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow! You guys are having a TON of fun! I am looking into community theater, as well...but had not considered it as a whole family option...hmm...must ponder that awesome idea...I was looking into it for Jake and Laura (our current teens) because they used to part of a theater troupe and loved it; but that group disbanded. So...please share your thoughts w/me on the environment/atmosphere of public community theater...this is one of my concerns in discerning whether or not I want to expose this form of stage acting to my teens...knowing they'd be spending so much time there...how's the conversations, behavior, demeanor, moral character...and all that stuff been for your family?