This is Clara, she is a wonderful story teller and cook. There are several different recipes featured on youtube. For me the best part is the stories she tells while she is cooking. She also has a blog and a fan club on facebook. She has inspired me to try to find more recipes from the depression era. As I watched these I saw a lot of the recipes I had grown up on were featured or a spin off of one of these. Share your family recipe an old one or a new one it just has to be economical.

I love to see that people are so interested in cooking at home again. It really warms my skillet/heart. ;) Today I made my family very happy with my simple breakfast. I made homemade donuts and sausage. It could not have been easier. I just took biscuit dough from the can (I swear to you that they do not taste like biscuits) and I cut out the center then did a little stretch to widen the whole. I used a cutter but, you could use a cap to your syrup bottle to cut out the center and I fried them up till golden on each side. In my house a donut is a vessel in witch to carry frosting to the mouth. So, I had some cream cheese frosting and I added some cocoa powder and some milk to thin it out for dipping. I heated the frosting and dipped the donuts and then I dipped in non-perels. Ta-da!! I was super MOM for the morning. Then I got every one hopping on their chores. Alas I was back to being just plain old mom. It was glorious to be super MOM for a morning though. LOL

The camera is MIA so till it is found I have no pics for you. Sorry.

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On April 15, 2009 at 3:57 AM , Judy said...

OH how I have missed your posts!!!
Thanks for being here again!
I'm sorry, but I think if I tell my family what you did for breakfast, they (including my dh) will all hitch-hike to TEXAS to live with you and I will be very lonely, so I can not tell them. LOL
As for an old family recipe...

This is one of those recipes which is even tastier the next day!


2 eggs, beaten
2 C wet bread crumbs
1/2 C Parmesan Cheese
2 lbs ground beef
onion salt
garlic salt
black pepper
small onion
3-4 cans of peas (drained, with liquid set aside)
Optional: elbow macaroni, cooked


Mix together the first nine ingredients (spices to taste)
form small meatballs (1 - 1 1/2 inches)
set aside

In a large pot on stove, sautee chopped onion in a small amount of oil
Add all liquid from cans of peas to the pot
Add same amount of water (using cans)
bring to BOIL
Add meatballs
when almost done, add peas
SIMMER a while longer

Serve as is...or serve over the Optional elbow macaroni (this is how we like it)

Delicious if served with butter and jelly bread