Wow!! The countdown is upon us. Ten days left till the move. It is really exciting to be moving into a new house.

The kids will all have their own rooms!! My new kitchen is really lovely. The kitchen I am in now is well, crappy. Honestly, the fridge clicks when ever it goes into a cycle as it is about to die and our lease says that they do not have to replace it. It is really old and very energy wasteful. Our utility bills are horrendous. In the hot months of the summer we pay just over 400.00 for a monthly electric bill!! In the new house the highest electric bill in the hottest months of the year has been 200.00!! The rent is a lot less than what we are paying now. I can not tell you how blessed we feel about this.

I have not even told you the best part yet..... ready...... We will be living very close to lots of relatives. Having been a military family for most of our marriage, we have never really lived near family. So, this is going to be a truly wonderful experience. I am also excited to be able to have some animals like goats and rabbits oh yeah and chickens. We have a plot of land big enough for a nice size garden. Oh my goodness I am going to turn into farmer Jane. *LOL*

We are even going to be able to get high speed internet (my husband needs it for his job). I was so dreading the thought of having dial up aaaakkkkkk. While high speed internet does not come cheep in rural Texas it is a job expense and we will be able to claim it on our taxes next year.
My in-laws who live across the street from us are truly wonderful people. Grandpa is so excited that he will be able to take the kids fishing and other fun grandpa stuffs. Grandma is excited to be able to pass on her love of crafting not only to my girls who love any and every craft they can get their hands on but, I am also happy that I will be learning some wonderful crafts too.

The quality of my photo's will be improving as well. I know you are all excited by this. he he he.... this is because my in-laws have a digital camera that we will be able to borrow/use when ever we want. My goal is: as I get each room all set up and situated the way we want it, I will then take pictures for you all. Kinda like taking "the 50cent tour" only virtually.

We will even have room for a classroom. WOW!! I love typing that. We do school at the table and on the couch and on beds and well, where ever we feel comfy. ;) I am sure that will not change. We will have a classroom with a full size chalk board, to go with our dry erase board, and plenty of room to start projects and leave them out while they dry or if they need to be worked on for more than one day.

I am so thankful for the internet. When my husband and I went to our first base as a married couple we did not have internet. AOL was the only internet then and they still charged by the hour!! So we had the phone (which can get pretty darn expensive) and snail mail. OH man snail mail was such a treat as a young Navy wife. When in military housing we all knew if some one's spouse was deployed so when some one got a letter we would all be so happy for them. Wives are also known to call all their friends when they got a letter or a package. ;) I am so thankful that the military is able to offer it's members e-mail and web cams so that the distance is not so bad and that children can see their parent. How amazing that truly is. (sorry, I was on a tangent there for a few mins)

Please keep our move in your prayers. God had truly blessed this move so far and we are very tankful to him. You know some times I think it is really important to thank God publicly for the blessing that he is giving you. It is also a good thing to share when God has helped you through some thing tough or challenging. This move is tough and challenging for me. Last time we lived in rural Texas I hated it. I was miserable. I just have so much peace about it this time. I know that we are doing the right thing. I am also thankful that God has blessed me with the friends I have made on the homeschool lounge and for returning a friend to me Julie. So, thank you God for your blessings and the challenge of following you.

Have a great day every one I will try to keep you all updated during the move.

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On February 19, 2009 at 3:24 PM , Judy said...

Haley wrote: "I think it is really important to thank God publicly for the blessing that he is giving you."

Thank you Haley...that is SUCH a beautiful thought...I will make sure I implement it in my life...thanks for helping me become a better person!

I am SOOOOOO happy that you have found a place of PEACE and JOY in your heart about this move!

I want to come fishing and crafting with Grandma and Grandpa too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if all of your photos thus far have been with an "old fashioned" regular camera...then I'd say..."You're ALREADY a AWESOMETASTIC photographer!!!!!!!" I can't IMAGINE what you'll do with a digital!!!

I look forward to my 50-cent tour!!!