Helloooooooooooooooo every one!! What a chill we have had here in East Texas this week. I hope that all my friends/readers (you are all my friends) are not having to battle to much with the sickness that has plagued families this winter. I have been hearing talk of just terrible “bugs” that people are getting this year. I have been very blessed to that we have had two runny noses and two with sore throats each occasion only lasting a few days and that is it!! PTL. Speaking of not feeling well, please lift of Judy from benmakesten her father is ill and she and her siblings are at his bedside praying over him. Another prayer request if you don't mind. Julie and her family are moving to Japan as you all know. Well, her husband is due to report so VERY soon and they have no tickets issued to them yet. While I know for a FACT that Julie secretly wants to stay with me for a bit longer, I would like for you all the pray that they get their tickets all taken care of and that their trip is safe and uneventful. (ok, I have to confess that I would not mind at all if they have to come here and stay while they wait for tickets to meet up with her hubby)
Oh yeah please pray for housing to open up there for them. Living in a hotel for months at a time is not very fun at all. I was a military wife once and I remember all to well what it is like. All righty then that is all of the requests I can think of right now. OHH nope please pray for a job for Bobbi's husband. Truly that is all for right now. If you think of any please feel free to let me know and I will add them to my list.

On Wednesday Lukas and David went back to the city so Lukas could attend his permaculture class. He had a great time. They are home safe and sound. Speaking of permaculture Lukas started his first compost pile!! If any of you have successful compost piles and want to offer any advice/helpful hints we would love to hear them. He has also picked the spot that he wants to till for our garden. This weekend if it is dry enough he will be tilling it with the help of my brother in-law. (you know I will be taking pictures of my son's first time using the tiller)

I am happy to announce that in just a few short weeks we will be getting our chickens!! Yippee. We are getting about 8 of them. We have been enjoying fresh eggs from my in-laws chickens, so yummy. MMMMMMMM chicken. LOL Now I have visions of chickens in the pot cooking. Enchalada's, roasted chicken dinner, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, I better stop now. Ha ha ha... I guess I am gonna have to start getting on track and posting recipes more often. ;)

Our foster pets are settling in very well. You all saw a picture of Star isn't she a cutie?? Now it is time for you to meet Stormy our foster parakeet. He is such a talker. He loves to chat to us while we are watching tv. He also loves to dance. It is so cute to see him jammin' out and
getting all jiggy with it when ever music is played. Though I have to admit he only dances to music he likes. I like the music he has chosen though. Stormy does some really neat tricks. Not only does he talk, he allows you to touch him under his wing, and he will also come out and play on his play gym. While we have not gotten him to come out and fly around he has come all the way out of the door and he has eaten millet out of our hands and he lets us touch him. I am sure that flying around and dive bombing us is soon to follow. LOL “pilot to bombardier this is Stormy speaking am I clear for take off” Ha ha ha ( am such a joker) Star does all kinds a tricks as well. She plays dead, rolls over, lays down, sits, sits pretty, and we are currently teaching her “disco”. Introducing new pets into a home with old pets is really a challenge. We have had some funny situations come up.

I have to tell you all that on Wednesday night at about 10:00 pm my cat Ginger went into labor!! She had her first ever kittens. She only had two but, they are just so cute and precious. We named one Milkyway (who was snowball at first) and the other Hide 'N' Seek. There are some pictures in todays post for you. The guys had left about an hour and half before she went into labor. My poor hubby misses all kinds of stuff poor guy. It was my first time to see kittens born. The girls and I were enthralled. Our cat Ginger was so loving (a rarity for her she is soooo mean) and wanted to be petted during most of it. We really enjoyed petting her. Normally she barely tolerates us but, she LOVES Lukas. It was so neat to see her contractions and to see her kittens emerge. It was wonderful I will never forget it.

I also wanted to include some pictures of the house but, my cat Ginger went into labor again today, sadly this kitten did not make it. :( We named him Tiger and my husband and the girls said a prayer and laid him to rest. That took up most of the afternoon and evening. I will post house pictures and inside pictures of the wigwam tomorrow. I wish you all the best. Hugs and blessings to you all. ❤❤

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On March 14, 2009 at 9:17 AM , Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the pics, the prayers and love! Most of all, thank you for being willing to be foster parents to our pets! We'll keep you updated as we know more.

On March 17, 2009 at 5:57 AM , Judy said...

The house is BEAUTIFUL!!! The kids are PRECIOUS!
And YOU are SO SWEET to lift me up in prayer!!!
Tell Lukas to don some iron balls around those ankles before tackling that tiller, lest he be AIRBORNE behind it, LOL!!! Yes, I've seen that happen !!! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!
Love You!!!