Hello everyone!! I sure missed you all. I hope you all had a great weekend. We and our stuff are all here in at the new house. What a move we had. ;)

Let me back up a few days for you so I can fill you in. Thursday my husbands cousin and his fiance' came to our house and helped us finish packing and load the truck. Honestly we could not have done it without them. We are so very thankful to them. After my husbands cousin got there they went to the Budget truck rental place to pick up the truck. We got a 24' truck for two days unlimited mileage and no deposit fee (the guy waived it cus he said my husband looked like a nice guy) all this for under ninety dollars!! We stayed up till two on Thursday packing and loading. On Friday we woke up at eight made some french toast and went to packing and loading the truck full force. We finally locked the doors and windows to the old house on Friday at six o'clock pm. You know riding in that truck is both scary and exhilarating. It is scary because you are so high up and every bump in the road feels like you are riding on the bumpiest road in existence. LOL The great part is that you are in this monster truck and you could just run over anything like those trucks at monster truck rallies. Bwwwaaaahaaaahaaaa!!

At six o'clock we hopped in our vehicles and we left the big city behind. The ride to the new house was pretty uneventful till we hit the dirt road that leads to our house. We were about a ½ mile or less out from the house when a deer ran out in front of the truck we put on the breaks and managed to miss the little bugger by only two feet. (I can tell you that I was freaking out remember the breathing you do when you give birth picture that and my little girl holding my hand saying “it's ok mommy just hold my hand”) LOL When we got here we saw flash lights bobbing in the dark. My father in-law and my brother in-law both came over to help unload the truck. My husband was convinced that it was going to take us a really long time to unload but, it only took two or three hours. We were so happy to go to sleep that night. ;)

I finished my kitchen last night!! It looks great. It is so much bigger than the old one. I have lots of counter space. I gotta tell you all something silly but, cool to me. My new stove works so great. The old stove took 45mins to and hour to boil a pot of water not here 15 mins tops. Yipeee!! Speaking of cooking last night was the first night that I cooked for just us 5. I have enjoyed feeding everyone. I have made Swedish Meatballs over spaghetti, Cupboard casserole, and last night we had a lovely vegetable soup with alphabet pasta as requested by safety girl.

Today my hubby is going into town to run errands and what not. While he is there he will be buying batteries for the digital camera so, there will be pictures VERY soon. I can't wait to show you all the view from my windows and to take you all on a tour of the property. Most of all I can't wait to show the rooms as they get finished.

One last thing I have to share because I think it is sooooo cute. My mother in-law mowed a “Grandmothers trail” (as she calls it) between our houses. ;)

Hugs from our country cottage. ❤❤ Country gal. (he he he)

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On March 4, 2009 at 12:42 PM , Heather said...

Hello! I don't know you personally but we are also a family where Mommy kisses the principal! I came across your blogs the other day and enjoy reading them. We just moved into a new house ourselves last summer and it is an adventure! I WISH we were country folks...that's for the next move...about 20 acres would suit me just fine! Blessings in your new house and I look forward to reading more posts!

On March 4, 2009 at 6:48 PM , Shawntele said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in nicely. I conquer with Heather's post, I WISH we were country folks as well. One day...

On March 4, 2009 at 7:05 PM , Judy said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'm so happy for you Haley!
(Ok...so I WAS cracking up at the thought of you freakin' out at the deer, hee hee!)
Here in our 24 acre wood, we also have deer, bear, coyote, and an intriguing creature-sighting we believe to be a small COUGAR!!!!!!! (YOU WANT TO SEE A MOM FREAKING OUT WITH A DAUGHTER HOLDING HER HAND?!? THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!)

Your MIL's little mowed path is SO ADORABLE...and I KNOW you like her A LOT, so that's good, ha ha! What a BLESSING for her to have you near as she mourns the loss of her daughter.

CAN'T WAIT for pics!