Wow!! Monday already?? How is that the weekend goes by so fast??

We had a lovely weekend out here in the boonies.;) This Friday the man for who will be installing our new internet came out to hook it up. Well, it turn out we live in the internet Bermuda Triangle LOL. I found it comical that he was able to get a signal just down the street from us but not on our roof. So, on Monday he will return with a 50ft pole, a 50foot pole can you imagine. My hubby wants to hang a Jolly Rodger Flag from it. I am still shaking my head about that one. LOL With the new internet my husband will be able to work from home again and not have to go to the coffee shop every day. Hey!! Wait just a minute, that means that my days of getting an ice coffee and a muffin are over. Hurumph. Guess I will go back to making my own. ;) It was nice to be pampered coffee wise for a while.

I have been an infrequent poster lately. That is gonna change. I am bound and determined to get back on my normal schedule. With that in mind, Mondays are menu for the week and my goals. So here goes.

Cereal (we always have cereal on Mondays)
BLT's and chips (I have been craving this for several weeks now)
Chili Baked potatoes with sour cream and salad

SOS over mashed potatoes (one of my favs)
Tuna sandwiches and carrot sticks
French toast

Chicken Parmesan over spaghetti
Ramen with add ins

Fried Chicken legs, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad
Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Refried bean burritos with rice and vegetable
Beef stew
Biscuits and gravy (I gotta spoil um sometimes)

A pretty simple and unfussy menu this week. So, I am curious what do you all make for dinner?? I love new ideas.

This weeks goals are pretty simple. Since we have been on vacation for a little while, I thought we would ease back into our school schedule. I am happy to say that I found a Sherlock Holmes unit study. It looks fantastic. You can check it out here when you click on this it will bring up a google search just click on the first option listed. I hope you have a lot of fun with it. If you decide to do the study tell us what changes you made. Did you add to it?? Did you come up with fun and challenging projects that were not included?? I also want to know if you made it more challenging for an older student or easier for a younger student.

My goals for this week are really simple. I want to make sure the dishes are done every night before bed (I am starting flylady), I want to type up chore charts, type up daily schedules, type up April's menus, write in my blog every day, get my son's room all set up, and I want to get my class room all done. I think those are very reasonable goals.

On the 3rd we will be getting our 8 chickens. Yippeee!! We have been eating and cooking with fresh eggs since we moved here. I love it.

I have to tell you that it is fantastic living across the street from my in-laws. Take today for instance, we got invited to come over and hang out. Then we were treated to dinner. (have you ever noticed that food tastes better when someone else cooks it ;0) We played in the garden for a while then watched food network challenge. We had a really fun time.

The kittens are opening their eyes now and their mother is leaving them for short periods of time. Wow, I can't believe they are big enough for that already. We went out and bought some kitten food so that when they are ready for it we have it. Speaking of the cat and her kittens, Ginger will not pick up her kittens. She will put her mouth on them and then run to where she wants them. She will do this till one of us catches on and moves her kittens to the spot and then she will lick us as if to say “hey, thanks” and then she lays downs and purrs while nursing them.

Well, it's time for me to do the dishes so I can go lay down and read my Charlotte Mason study guide. I am really wanting to switch the girls to Miss Mason's curriculum. Have you all had any exposure to it?? If you have please tell me what you think. I am very curios to hear from you all about it. Talk to you all tomorrow. ❤❤

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On March 23, 2009 at 7:47 PM , Judy said...

Oh, if only I did not homeschool in the state of PA...I would SO be a "Charlotte Mason" mom!
I just put a link for Karen Andreola's Charlotte Mason research site on MY BOOK CORNER under the title Pocketful of Pinecones (Karen's book).

Now then...what is SOS on a potato? (I know, I'm really dumb here right?)
I am SO happy that you are SO happy with your inlaws and your hysterically funny hubby (I say hang the flag!) in your new home!

On March 23, 2009 at 7:48 PM , Judy said...

Sorry...forgot to say that My Book Corner is over on DAILY BLESSINGS!

On March 23, 2009 at 7:52 PM , Judy said...

Me again :)
The link for Holmes is a dead link...but when I copy and paste just up to the "org" I can get to a site...I did a search for sherlock holmes unit study and a bajillion links came you know which one it would be?

On March 23, 2009 at 9:15 PM , Shawntele said...

I have been reading all about Charlotte Mason's method of teaching as well. I am so there with you, if only I could relax over is hard to break those habits ingrained from the public school system. Kwim?
Have you checked out Ambleside?

On March 23, 2009 at 11:06 PM , Haley said...

Shawntele- I really like the Ambleside website what a blessing it has been to many.
It takes some time to study the CM approach it not something you do on a whim that is for sure. LOL

Judy- if you type in 599sherlockholmes all one word into google search it comes up as the first one it will say it is a pdf and it will have coreknowledge in the link somewhere. In the mean time I will get a working link up there in the next few days. By hook or by crook. LOL I just could not resist since we may be flying the jolly roger soon. ;)

On March 23, 2009 at 11:07 PM , Haley said...

SOS- is going to be my recipe post for tomorrow. ;)