I am so happy that my family are all safe and sound and home where they belong. We also have a new family member named Marmalade, she is a really sweet playful orange and white tabby cat. It is quite strange to us to have such a loving and playful cat since we are used to Ginger our anti-social non playful cat, who barely even lets us pet her. The meeting between the two cats did not go well. Let's just say that there was fur flying and band aides involved. Oh what fun we are gonna have with these two.

My son had his first permaculture class this past Thursday. He really enjoyed it. We had a lengthy conversation all about what he had learned in his first class. I have to say permaculture is really fascinating. If you would like to learn a little about this subject here is a website for you here. There are 7 homeschool kids in the class including him. I am hoping he will make a few friends. All the friends he had where we live have all moved away in the past few years so, he does not get to hang out with his friends to often. I am also happy that the completion of this course will give him a certification and science credit for the year. He thinks that I will let him skate on science since this is a year credit he is sadly mistaken bbbwwwwwwaaaaaahaaaahaaaa. (that is my evil laugh);)

It is official we will be moving closer to my in-laws as soon as our lease is up. I am happy that I will be able to be mentally supportive to my in-laws and that the children will be knee deep in relatives. They will learn how to fish, hunt, grow food, and just about any other cool country thing you can learn. We will have a little house with 2.5 acres. We are gonna have a garden and some animals. I was reluctant at first to be willing to move there. My husband has been trying to get me agree to move there for about a year or so but, with the passing of my sister in-law, I can see that we are needed there for a while at least.

My mother will be here for a visit starting Tuesday till the 7th of February. You know what that means don't you? Tomorrow we will scrubbing the house in lue of our school work. Hey, who can do school work when your Nana will be there the next day! We will be attending a lecture about the past, present, and future of the moon and moon travel. My youngest daughter is so excited that she will have the opportunity to meet several real astronauts at the reception after the lecture. Will be going to a wild game ranch. We will be celebrating my son's 16th birthday the main reason for her visit. In short the next two weeks are gonna be a whirl wind of action filled blogs.

I got my very first issue of the Old School House magazine today! I can not wait to read it from cover to cover.

I would like to take a few mins to say a HUGE THANK YOU to BENMAKESTEN for her wonderful blog post and thoughtful comments and her beautiful prayers that she and her family and friends all took the time to dedicate in honor of my sister in-law. You are a great friend and your heart is so filled with love and compassion. I know God will bless you all of your days for your willingness to show his love to others.

I would also like to say thank you to all of you who read my blog. Your kind words where a great comfort to me during this time. I love getting up in the afternoon errrrr ummmmmm I mean the morning and checking so see what you all may have written to me. ;) I also enjoy reading all of your blogs while, I might now leave a comment I am there rain or shine. Hey, I am even better than the post office I read them on Sundays too. LOL

Well, I am off to read "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree" with my sweet little one. Hmmmmm does any one know what nursery he got that tree from I really want a cookie tree. Ha ha ha.
Have a great night one and all. Love from our family to yours.

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On January 25, 2009 at 8:01 PM , Judy said...

You are so sweet Haley...and I am so happy to feel you smiling again :)

HOORAY for Nana's visit!
HOORAY for Astronauts!
HOORAY for birthdays of wonderful sons!

Now a more serious item: It has recently been told to me, that in an effort to promote good health in food choices...Sesame Street was no longer going to allow Cookie Monster to eat cookies...but instead, raw veggies and such...OH PLEASE SAY IT AIN'T SO!
Though we were viewers when my eldest was little...we don't watch the show anymore...so someone out there tell me it's a nasty rumor...PLEASE!

On January 26, 2009 at 5:44 AM , SAHMinIL said...

Well that rumor of the cookie monster has been out for a while now!!! He STILL eats cookies, but he has also balanced it out with some fruits and veggies. LOL You can read more here: http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/veggie.asp

Oh Haley, good luck on the move and with the new cat!!! I have still been thinking about your and your family. :)