The first site I am gonna tell you about is Squidoo.

You can join Squidoo and develop/post entries called a “lens”.

The link I have here is to their internal search engine. I have even searched for two subjects for you.

There are tons of subjects. Seeing how this is January you could look up “Chinese New Year” and tada there will be a very thorough lens all about it ready to teach you children. Want to learn more about making money online yup there is one for that too. all topics in this search will involve homeschooling this search covers lapbooking

You can search for what ever topics you want to search.

Topics on this website are called “lenses”

If you like these lenses then you might consider joining and making your own. Here is the link: This is a truly a wonderful and valuable resource for everyone especially homeschoolers and avid readers who unfortunately can not afford nor do they have room for all the thousands of books they love and cherish. Well now you can own thousands of books ready for you to read when ever you like. I was in nerdvana when I found this site.

One of great things about this site is that they also offer a large selection of books in other languages great for those of you or your children who study another language. They also ask for volunteers to translate books (great on a college resume) what great practice for you teen who is advanced in a language and you will be helping to contribute to this website.

OK, so this one is not educational but, hey we all have other interests right?? this site has a huge collection of old and new tv shows that you can watch for free. This is the link to the home page all you have to do is click on “how to” and it will bring you to a new page when you get there just click on “full episode player” and it will direct you to a large alphabetical list mind boggling large. Just click on the title of the show you want to watch. My kids have enjoyed watching the A-Team (I pity the fool who don't remember the A-Team).

Wow this week went fast. My husband will be going back to the office next week. I am kinda sad. I have really enjoyed him working from home for the past month and a half. While I am sad that he will be gone all day, I totally need my desktop back and we need to get back on schedule. Also, I know this sounds corny but I really love the little adrenaline of straitening up and cooking dinner so it is ready when he gets home. So long story short I am sad and happy at the same time.

This was our first week back after the holiday break. We had a pretty sludgy start the kids grumbled when we woke them up on Monday till they heard the call for French Toast! Then they shot into the kitchen wide eyed and ready for action. LOL.

We started a new P.E. Class this week. The kids are taking T'ai – Chi. I must admit that it is rather funny to watch three semi-uncoordinated children bump into each other and fall into a pile giggling. Oh sure there are “Get out of my way” “Oh yeah? Well, you're stepping on my foot,” but hey, these are real children not some kind of children of the corn.

We watch our Spanish DVD at least three times a week. The kids are starting to pick up the phrases and vocabulary already.

My Mother will be visiting our home at the end of the month! She will be here for the celebration of our son's 16th birthday!! WOW! I can't believe it. Time has just flown by. I have enjoyed it all though and having homeschooled him for all these years I can honestly say that I did not miss out on anything.

So with my mom coming at the end of the month we decided that our Geography this month would be to learn about RI (where my mom lives). The kids are really excited to be presenting their reports to her when she arrives.

For science right now we are reading a book called “The Kid Who Named Pluto” it is really interesting. We read one chapter three times per week and we talk about what ever science subject is brought up that day. For instance yesterday we learned about cryptography.

My son is in addition to the book writing a research paper about the human eye.

We of course did our daily math and language arts (the only two subjects that I actually have textbooks for) Maddy and Lukas are both excelling in this subject while Riss is getting all the answers correct it takes her a really long time to complete each lesson. On the flip side Riss is an amazing speller and language arts just easy as taking a breath for her. While Lukas and Maddy struggle through. It all evens out I guess.

That's mostly what we did this week for school. I hope you find time to check out the freebies. Talk to you all on Monday.

It is time to wipe the chalkboard and clap the erasers the bells about to ring......

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On January 9, 2009 at 1:52 PM , SAHMinIL said...

sounds as if it wasn't a "busy" week. Enjoy your weekend :)